Friday, 24 May 2019

The Periodic Table

This week in room six we have been learning about the periodic table. I learnt about what valence electrons are and what the different elements are. I love learning about the periodic table!

Friday, 17 May 2019

Pink Shirt Day!

Today is pink shirt day! We wore a pink shirt and brought a gold coin donation. We wore a pink shirt today because it was bully free week. Today I wore a pink shirt with black tights underneath.

Friday, 10 May 2019

My Growth Mindset Person

Last term in room six we learned about a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how people overcame their fixed mindset. I researched all about Marie Curie and how she overcame her fixed mindset. I chose Marie because I felt that she was inspiring and she never gave up on her dreams. 

Facts about Marie Curie:

Marie was born in Warsaw Poland. Her birth name was Maria Sklodowska but her family called her Maya. She had four siblings Bronislawa Dluska, Helena Sklodowska, Zofia Sklodowska and Jozef Sklodowski. She had two daughters Eve Curie and Irene Joliot Curie. Marie is famous for discovering polonium and radium. 

I had so much fun learning about Marie Curie!

Friday, 29 March 2019

Up, Up and Away- Dr Seuss

This is my hot air balloon that I have created to show that our goals are going to take up to new heights.

Growth mindset- bunting

Each student in room 6 has made a bunting triangle to show our growth mindset goal and motto that we want to work on. Come and check them out!


During term 1 we have been learning about Jesus the Son of God. This is my cube on how Jesus showed us that God loved us all as His children. We are all blessed with gifts of faith, hope and love.

Monday, 18 March 2019

In the Pathway of a Discus

In the Pathway of a Discus 

February 2019
By Vaiola 

I am learning to entertain my audience with a recount.

My worst fears were coming true… It was Athletics Day practice at school today! “Hope you do well today,” Mum cheered as she dropped me off at school. I was wishing that I didn't come to school that day. I gathered up all my courage and walked through the school gates. And this is where the story begins.

RING! The bell rang and Room 7 was lining up in their colourful clothes to support our houses. Once we reached the turf, we went into our house teams I was in Blake. I went and sat down with my house team in a group of my friends, just chatting about some stuff until our deputy principal, Miss Gleeson called out for all the nine and ten year olds to go over by the car park where we would see our teacher for Discus. 

We ran ever so quickly to the teacher eager to get to the event. There she was waiting by the car park on the field. We all lined up in an orderly fashion as all the equipment was set up waiting for us to learn how to throw those heavy discuses. The teacher had chosen four people to grab a huge black heavy discus. I was one of those four people. I grabbed one and sat back down. “Right, I’m going to show you how to throw a discus and then you are going to try yourselves.” The teacher said. She had shown us and told us some tips.

She called me up first. I was excited… I took a huge breath and said I can do this. I threw the black discus as hard as I can. It landed right in front of the cones. I was so proud of myself! I sat back down with one of my friends, who said I did really well. We were just talking until three girls asked me and Annika to move backwards so that they could do some gymnastics, we said sure and moved. More, more, and more please. Then we stopped Annika asked if that was enough. Yes said one of the girls. So we continued on talking. I turned around to see a discus coming right at me!! Then… 

Bam! I had got hit in the face by a discus!! The gushing blood was dripping onto my shirt. I got so scared I couldn't talk. Everybody was screaming. The teacher took me to the sickbay to stop the blood but nothing seemed to work. So the principal rushed me to the A&E. While the school contacted my parent who rushed to the A&E with curiosity to what happened. 

My parents finally came and I got three stitches. It was very painful but mum said, “At least you didn’t die, right?” I just giggled. Well now I know to look after myself, to pay attention and make sure I am in the right spot at the right time.